Wild Foraged Concord Grape Sauce

Veal Meatball

Wild Foraged Concord Grape Sauce for the Perfect Meat Balls

Traditionally grape jelly has been used in a handful of unconventional regional recipes,  “Grape Jelly Spaghetti Sauce” & “Grape Jelly Meat Balls” to name a few.  I was intrigued and dare I say inspired by the thought. My recipe goes a bit further using Josephine’s Feast  Spiced Wild Foraged Grape Jam, our “Extra Forte” Dijon Mustard and our naturally sweet, Single Row Small Batch Sungold Tomato Catsup all made in limited editions.  Extraordinary ingredients – but feel free to experiment with flavors and preserves.  I am particular partial to the substitution of Caramelized or Blood Orange Marmalade for the Grape preserve. And Josephine our resident foodie – just polished off a plate of these meat balls, telling us they were “so delicious” and asking for more.  Enough said.

You can click here for my Perfect Meat Ball recipe.

Time:  10 minutes to prepare – 50 minutes to cook.

Yield:  Enough sauce for 35 cocktail meat balls


1 1/2 c catsup…JF Single Row Sungold Catsup
1 t hot sauce…I use Louisiana “the Perfect” Hot Sauce
1 c grape jam…JF Spiced Wild Foraged Grape Jam
1 to 2 t mustard…JF Forte Dijon Mustard
2 T fresh thyme
1 T garlic…Finely minced or pressed
1 t sea salt…To taste
1/2 t black pepper…To taste

1.  Roast fresh or frozen meatballs in a 350 degree oven for 20 to 30 minutes until golden but not dry.

2.  Wile the meat balls are cooking, add the first four ingredients to a pot and cook over a low heat until the sauce comes to a quiet simmer.

3. Add the fresh thyme – and garlic if you choose –  simmer for one minute more.

4. Add salt & pepper. Taste.

5. Add the roasted meat balls and simmer for an additional 20 minutes.

5. Before serving taste to balance the salt & pepper.
This sauce can be made in a crock pot for buffet servings or late night snacks.

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