Natural Sea Salt with Herbes de Provence

Josephine’s Feast Natural Sea Salt with Herbes de Provence for Finishing is the perfect salt that adds flavor to any dish. A natural gris sea salt with all the trace slements of the sea without any of the chemical processing or taste that distorts the true flavor of the salt. Positively pure, this salt has no caking chemicals which also confuse a true salt flavor. There is a “natural dampness” to the salt, but it will in no way hinder the taste or the quality of the product.

A mix of Herbe de Provence is hand blended with the salt for a unique flavor that is traditionally French Provencial. Save this salt for the table, or sprinkle it over meat, fish or vegetables after roasting. Grind over sauces or salads. Positively sinful on baked potatoes or oven fries. Try adding this salt on a roast beef just before it is placed in the oven for a perfectly seasoned roast. Delicious!

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