Spice Rub for Pork & Ribs

Josephine’s Feast Sagaponic Spice Rub for Pork & Ribs is an intense spice rub that blends smoke infused paprika with savory spices that brings out the very best in pork flavors.  Wonderful on barbequed ribs or an oven roat of pork.  This traditional rub has modern spice taste notes that are unmatched.  We suggest that you generously rub on ribs 30 minutes before cooking over an indirect barbeque flame. A more adventurous cook can prepare 24 hours in advance and refrigerate overnight.  This mix can be used with splendid results on on chops or roasts as well as on poultry or lamb.  Our spice mixes contain no salt.  We suggest that you sprinkle with josephine’s feast! Natural Sea Salt just prior to cooking.

Sagaponic Spice Rub for Pork & Ribs contains the following herbs and spices –

Spanish smoked paprika, garlic, fennel & sage

net wt 8 oz

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