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Fruit Butter

Fruit butters are made by slow cooking fruit and blending them with a sweetener and spices creating a fruit spread with the consistency of softened butter. Hence the name - there is no butter added to these heirloom favorites.

All of our Apple Butters are produced from one Heirloom Newtown Pipin Apple Tree. This year we harvested over 44 Bushels of Apples from this single tree 100 year old beauty. It is sweetened with brown sugar and deliciously spiced.

Our Pumpkin Butter is made from Long Island Cheese Pumpkins grown on Briermere Farms. They look like big rounds of Gouda cheese - but are the sweetest pumpkin variety. We cook them down with maple syrup and spices with a hint of bourbon vanilla to round out the flavor.

Give them a try!