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At Josephine's Feast! we love making marmalade - in fact that's how we started in our kitchen. Many flavors of traditional marmalade made in the traditional manner - a craft that takes two to three days.

We work with small family farms that grow amazing varieties of citrus - Meyer lemon, Cara Cara, Valencia, Seville & Blood oranges.

Our Valencia, Cara Cara and Holiday Cara Cara feature the Thin-Cut style of marmalade where long stripes of rind float in the golden syrup/preserve and swirl on the spoon as you spread your marmalade on toast or muffins. They are also the sweetest varieties of oranges producing a a tart but sweet flavor.

Our Blood Orange and Meyer Lemon feature a Thick-Cut Style where the rind is coarsely chopped and feature a medium a stronger sour note in taste with a balanced sweetness.

Sought after by Marmalade aficionados, our Seville Orange is also a Thick-Cut, and is not unlike a traditional Scottish Marmalade that is strong and somewhat bitter but is brilliant with European style butter as in the classic British breakfast. Loved by James Bond and perfect in Martini making.