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Wild Beach Plum Preserves


Wild Beach Plum Preserves 100000000250
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This is the Preserve that won both the 2013 Good Food Award and the 2016 Good Food Award in the Preserves Category.

And that means our Wild Beach Plum Preserves is considered by an expert panel of judges in a blind tasting of hundreds of entries to be one of the finest preserves made in the Country this year. Maybe the Best!

We are very proud, because we pick them and make every jar, slowly by hand over multiple days.

This is a true Preserve made with the pulp and skins that way it is supposed to be made. This is not Beach Plum Jelly which is only made with squeezed juice and is a much cheaper imitation.

Wild Beach Plum Preserves are made from handpicked beach plums that thrive on the sandy edges of beaches on the Great Peconic Bay and the Atlantic Ocean beaches of Southampton and Bridgehampton, Long Island. The fruit is ripened by the hot sun and produces an heirloom preserve that is both flavorful and nostalgic. 8 oz. Jar

Ingredients: Beach plums, cane sugar, lemon juice & zest.

Wild Beach Plum Preserves Wild Beach Plum Preserves Laura and Grandma picking Beach Plums Grandma on the Peconic Bay with Danielle's Beach Plum Bushes Ron Bringing in Beach Plums and Rhubarb Ron the Forager bringing in Beach Plums Wild Beach Plum Preserves